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We ARE Nature



“I love nature!” The words slip so easily off the tongue, carrying with them a feel-good emotion. Good value.


The problem I have with such a common expression, is that it is a separation mechanism in itself, suggesting that we humans are somehow different from nature. With the questionable exceptions of test tube babies and clones though, we’re all as natural as the birds and the bees, or grasses and trees. So long, I should add, as they haven’t been genetically modified to improve their performance or have similar dubious qualities. Continue reading We ARE Nature





In 1989 I was asked to co-ordinate a reforestation project in south India. Specifically, this was a sacred mountain, Arunachala, recognized as Siva in the form of Light, or Fire. As the legend relates, Shiva, Lord of Destruction and Re-creation, was asked to adjudicate an argument between Vishnu (Lord of Preservation) and Brahma, Lord of Creation as to who had precedence. Having manifest Himself as a column of  the pure light of consciousness, he bade each of them to find His limits; one to seek the lowest point, and the other the highest. Neither apparently was successful, and in their awe of Shiva’s brilliance, they pleaded with Him to take a form less dazzling, which mere mortals could then behold. Shiva agreed, and transformed himself into the form of the mountain, Arunachala, which has been venerated ever since. So runs the tale. Continue reading RECLOTHING THE NAKED SIVA