A little about me

Welcome to my words! Let me introduce myself and what this Blog is all about, or at least what I would like it to seem to be.

I’m an Australian wanderer, as many of us are, for many reasons. For me, that’s just the way I am. These days I live in south Germany (mostly  for health reasons which  you’ll read about if you persevere with me ), but otherwise in the alpine hills of North Italy. 
It’s thirty years since I last based  myself in Australia; my departure was not inspired by discontentment living there (I love dearly where I lived among the rainforests of northern New South Wales), but life simply led me in other directions: a project in south India; love with a south German woman – two  glorious daughters; work all over the world through Permaculture; another love,  this time with a bella Italiana. And so it goes; one step leads to the next. You know, life’s story.
I’ve been writing for years. I love scribbling, or tapping away my thoughts and fantasies, so I’ve finally plucked up the courage or audacity to offer them to the world at large, if the world is interested. We’ll see.
I’ve subdivided into sections under self-explanatory titles. Pick and choose as you like, if you like. In any case, I’ll keep on adding to them as the spirit moves me. I’d love to hear from anyone who has thoughts to offer. If  I’m encouraged, one of these days I muster the courage to do some ‘final’ edits on the various books I have hidden away.
If anyone feels so enthusiastic about my writing and can advise me  on how to promote my work-play, or knows an agent or publisher who you feel may be interested, I would be delighted and appreciative if you would let me know. Thanks

6 thoughts on “A little about me

  1. Hi John, I run an organic farm in Auroville and my farm manager, Elumalai worked in your farm many years back. I am coming to Tiru and would like to meet you, is there a number where i can call to talk ? My number is 9843577279. thank you

    1. Gosh Satish, I’m really sorry but I haven’t checked my mail here for …. well obviously over a year! I’ve not lived in Tiru for quite a few years, and health issues prevented my from any travel untl quite recently (now wonderfully again at last), so I’ll let you know when I do get around to visiting again anyway. Please give my warm greetings and best wishes to Elumalai.
      All the best to you too, John

  2. Dear John, we met in Zonca two years ago and you struck me as someone I would like to know better and now we have the opportunity to invite you to a great event! I will add the website below. I hope to hear from you! P.S. unable to get a hold of you via your usual e-mail and tel in Italia!

  3. Hi John,
    a blast from the past.i was working with friend at Lennox Head and for what ever reason your name was mentioned.Susanne Reinits and i had a quick catch up about your journey since you left Chilingham. i wasn’t sue if it was really you and asked her what colour hair you had. when she said it was ginger, i knew it was you.
    i have read your blog, wow what a journey you have had.
    Rick Newnan

    1. What a delightful surprise. If you’re still in the area, how about meeting up; why not come here? It’s an incredible place that I’m sure you’d love. And oh yes, what a journey, with still some to add to it, and no doubt more to come. Could do without the melodramas though; but perhaps that’s just me! Thanks for the contact. John

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