Steve’s Cornea

There wasn’t very much left of Steve by the time he’d finished. Steve, my brother-in-law, died some  months ago. His body was riddled with cancer, and he just wasted away. His spirit stayed strong though, to the end.


So when they carved him up, there wasn’t very much that could be ‘used’, but they did manage to take his corneas, and with the miracle of science, and with Steve’s corneas, they were able to give back the sight of two people.


What kind of miracle is that? One body, riddled with cancer, is nevertheless able to give back the sight of not just one, but two people. In doing so, one is able to change – to greatly improve – the lives of others, for as long as they live.


Me too, not my cornea, and most of me is still intact and in reasonable health. It wouldn’t be though, if someone hadn’t died. Funny business eh, that someone had to die, so that I could live. Very literally, since if I couldn’t get a ‘new’ liver, I wouldn’t be writing this now; the doctors had exhausted every possibility of keeping me alive by juggling my chemistry, and connecting me up with all sorts of sophisticated machinery. That’s another story though, for another time.


Donate your body parts, so that others may benefit, when you no longer have use for them.


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